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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Nursing home means a home used for the reception and care of individuals who by reason of illness or physical or mental impairment require skilled nursing care and of individuals who require personal care services but not skilled nursing care. A nursing home is licensed to provide personal care services and skilled nursing care.

The Ohio Department of Health provides additional information and a Consumer Guide:

For Nursing Home Comparisons and the location of facilities:

Independent Living Centers

Every CIL provides services in the following four core areas:

  1. Information and referral services
  2. IL skills training
  3. Peer counseling, including cross-disability peer counseling
  4. Individual and systems advocacy

In addition to the four core areas of service, some CILs are able to provide additional services in surrounding counties.

Visit the Ohio Center for Independent Living website for additional information:

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DIfferent service providers provide care at different points in the rehabilitation process.  Reach out to these organizations for information about what they can offer.

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