Buckling your seatbelt when you get in your car, wearing a helmet when you ride your bike and making sure you keep your stairway in your home clear of clutter, are everyday choices that we make that can help prevent injury. For more information about ways to help prevent brain injury please visit: cdc.gov.



Research in traumatic brain injury has had a significant impact on prevention and rehabilitation of survivors. NEOBIF is committed to disseminating the results of research that can impact the quality of life of survivors and their families, as well as advancing the knowledge and skills of professionals who serve brain Injury survivors.



Navigating the complex health care and social services systems can be an overwhelming challenge. NEOBIF understands the need for assistance with identifying appropriate resources in our community. Please click on the “Community Resources” section above to see the pull down menu to discover available services in our community.

Welcome to our Community

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”

- Henry Ford

Dale and Laurie


"It’s not over; it’s good to be alive and to be an encouragement to others. I have been realizing this one hug at a time, one hopeful word at a time, and learning that deep thankfulness results in joy which cannot be explained but only experienced. I am surrounded by the love of others and you are too, come along with me and enjoy this beautiful ride we have been blessed with, believe it."

- Dale F.

Ryan C.


 “NEOBIF helped me succeed in life.”
- Ryan C.


A key part of NEOBIF’s mission is educating survivors and their families, professionals and other service providers, 

and the general public about brain injuries.

In the COMMUNITY RESOURCES section of our website, you will find information, links, and other resources pertaining to the causes, prevention, treatment, care, rehabilitation, and assessment of BIs.

How Do We Define a Brain Injury?

NEOBIF has adopted the Brain Injury Network’s definition of brain injury (BI), which is defined as “…traumatic brain injuries, strokes, brain illness, and any other kind of brain injury acquired after birth. However, a BI does not include what are classified as degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.”


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